The Next Generation in Fish & Chips  

Our Ingredients 


Frydales is focused on providing tasty but importantly sustainable fish. As you know Leicester is one of the furthest places away from the sea in the UK. Therefore we currently use frozen at sea fish and that is guaranteed to be frozen within 6 hours of being caught, meaning it is fresher than fish that is delivered and can be on a trawler for up to 21 days before reaching Frydales. We only buy from MSC certified suppliers, and sell cod and haddock in three sizes mini 4/5oz regular 7/8oz and large 11/12oz. 

Filleting Cod 

Catch of the day being introduced soon! 


Catch of the day being introduced soon! 



The journey from field to frier is one that we take very seriously at Frydales we source our potatoes with one merchant who we trust to provide the tastiest potatoes that Lincolnshire farms have to offer. The spuds that we use change throughout the season dependant on which variety is thriving that time of year, eg. Ramos, saggita, Maris pipers, agria, Victoria, challengers. We will try several samples before selecting the right one these are all prepared daily in our dedicated potato room, to make the perfect chip. 


A question we are often asked in the shop is “is it real chicken” so we would like to reassure you that it all is. Our chicken nuggets and chicken burgers are made from chicken breast also our chicken kebab is made from Red tikka marinated chicken thighs cooked on a rotating grill.  


We like to keep things simple at Frydales that's why we make our own mushy peas from scratch every day, we make these from marrowfat peas: 


We also make our own homemade fishcakes, these are a nice alternative to our standard fishcakes, they have a higher fish content and are very simple but very tasty!  
"We only buy from MSC certified suppliers" 
The Next Generation in Fish & Chips 
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